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Percocet Addiction

Percocet is brand name for Acetaminophen and Oxycodone. It is a narcotic analgesic. It is used to treat individuals who suffer from moderate to severe pain. Percocet is illegal to use without a prescription and also to distribute.  It is a schedule 2 drug in the United States. 



Percocet is potentially addicting. The abuse of prescription drugs such as this, have caused great concern among law enforcement agencies and health professionals. Prescription drug addiction has become a major problem throughout the United States.



Percocet can be taken a number of different ways, including orally, rectally and intravenously.  Users of Percocet must be very careful to take it according to the instructions given by their doctors. It is given as a time release capsule which means that the drug is absorbed into the body slowly so that it can last for a certain period of time.  When it is chewed or crushed, all of the medication is administered at once, which can be very dangerous.


It is possible to have an allergic reaction to Percocet.  Swelling of the face and breathing difficulties are often signs and will require immediate medical attention.  Too much Percocet can cause liver damage and if extremely large doses are taken at once, a lethal overdose can occur.




When a person uses Percocet for long periods of time, they are at an extreme risk for addiction.  When used for more then two weeks, one could quite possibly develop a dependency on the drug. This addiction is not only psychological but also physical. The brain will be chemically altered so that person feels like they have to have Percocet and they will crave it. Individuals that have become addicted to the drug may experience physical withdrawals when they attempt to stop taking it.



Percocet should not be mixed with alcohol or antidepressants. Mixing it with illegal drugs can also be very dangerous. Taking Percocet with other drugs can alter how the drug works and can also be potentially harmful. 


Questions and Answers

a. If Percocet is a prescription drug, how can it be illegal?: It is illegal for persons to use prescription drugs if they have not been prescribed them. Individuals who use Percocet after being prescribed it from their doctors are not violating the law.


b. Is Percocet addicting?: Yes, individuals who take Percocet can potentially become addicted to it if they take it for long periods of time or don’t use it according to their physician’s instructions.


c.  I’ve heard that Percocet comes in time release capsules, what exactly does it mean?: A time release capsule simply means that the medication is released slowly throughout the body. This allows the drug to last for longer amounts of time. For example, a drug may slowly dissolve in the body so that it lasts for 20 hours.



Percocet is a prescription medication so it is legal. However, it is illegal to take it without a prescription or to distribute it.




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