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Prescription Addiction

Pharmaceutical drug abuse has become problematic in recent years. Instead of purchasing drugs from local dealers, many people are abusing medications they have been prescribed by their doctors, stealing them or buying them from drug users as well.  As this abuse has become more problematic, law enforcement officials, as well as healthcare workers, are often at a loss about how to a control this type of abuse.


What Is A Prescription Drug Addiction?

An addiction to prescription drugs can be just as dangerous and damaging as one to illegal drugs. Prescription medications can be just as powerful and can result in death due to overdose and can also overtake one's life. 


What Are the Signs of A Prescription Drug Addiction?

The signs of addiction to prescription drugs are similar to that of illegal ones.  A person will likely have a preoccupation concerning taking the drug and how to obtain it.  There may be a physical decline as well as a mental one as the addiction worsens.  A person may hide their medications from their family members and friends in an attempt to hide their dependency.


Causes Of A Prescription Drug Addiction

This type of addiction can occur quite innocently.  A person may have been prescribed a certain medication for a legitimate ailment, disease, illness or injury and find themselves taking more then is recommended.  A person might also build up a tolerance to it and then become physically addicted.  They may enjoy the way the medication makes them feel and continue to take much more then they have been instructed to or not have a prescription for the medication at all, taking it recreationally.


Effects Of A Prescription Addiction

The effects of long-term and chronic use of prescription medications will differ based on the medicine. However, overtime, possible outcomes include death due to overdose and problems with the liver or kidneys.  A person may also develop heart problems and may be at risk for a heart attack.  The breakdown of relationships in the family may also occur.



A prescription addiction can cause death, and physical illness. It may also lead to the breakdown of ones family and their relationships with friends. A user’s career may suffer as well.


Treatment and Support

It is often necessary for individuals with in addiction to pharmaceutical drugs to enter some type of rehab program. This may be an inpatient for outpatient program.  Which type will depend mostly on the severity of a persons’ addiction.  Those with a very severe addiction will need inpatient therapy and those who may  have already gone through inpatient treatment or whose addiction is just developing, may be able to go through outpatient therapy.


After Rehab

There are numerous support groups that a person may want to become a part of in order to keep up their sobriety.  They may also want to go to counseling or some sort of outpatient treatment.




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