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Marijuana Addiction


Marijuana or cannabis is a plant which produces THC, a psychoactive. It is used by individuals in numerous countries, of all ages and socioeconomic status. It has a number of uses including medicinal, recreational and is also used in various products such as rope, clothing and even lotions. Marijuana is commonly referred to as weed, Mary Jane, pot and grass. It is a depressant, intoxicant, psychedelic and stimulant.

There are several species of Marijuana plants, included among them are Ruderalis, Sativa and Indica. This leafy plant is grown around the world and can be cultivated both outdoors and indoors. There are sophisticated operations around the globe as the production and distribution of Marijuana can be quite profitable largely because there is such a high demand for it. Parts of the plant, particularly the buds are not only smoked, but also eaten. Some individuals may use marijuana in the dishes they prepare.


People who use marijuana often report feelings of relaxation, euphoria and peacefulness. Their appetite may also increase. Some individuals have hallucinations or visuals. Other's will laugh a lot.

Dosage Information

The dosing for marijuana will differ based on the individual and whether or not they have developed a tolerance for the drug. The type of marijuana used will also have an effect on how much can be taken for maximum effect. Particular types of Marijuana such as BC Bud and hydroponic tend to be more potent then other types.

Dangers and Consequences of Long Term Use

Marijuana can be detrimental to the user. It is believed to have negative effects on the mental health of individuals. Persons who have a history of mental illness may find that marijuana exacerbates or worsens it. There is also some concern about whether or not marijuana causes 'schizophrenia and psychosis'. It is not clear whether or not the drug causes these conditions or if it worsens them in those who already suffer from them. Individuals with members in their family with mental illness or who personally have a history of it should steer clear of using marijuana.

Users are also at an increased risk of developing various cancers. This is due to the carcinogens inhaled when a person smokes marijuana. Infections of the lungs and reduced lung capacity are also risks. Marijuana may also negatively affect the heart. Anyone with heart disease or other heart problems is more at risk for having a heart attack.

Addiction and Tolerance

There is some debate concerning whether or not marijuana tolerance is a possibility. Some individuals believe that anyone that has used it for a long time and chronically, may develop a tolerance to it, while others suggest that this is not possible. Anyone using marijuana may become psychologically addicted to the drug. However, it is not physically addicting.

Use With Other Drugs

Marijuana is commonly mixed with other drugs, largely because it is not seen as a medical threat. It is not considered dangerous or risky. Drinking alcohol and smoking ‘pot’ is a common drug mix.

Is It Legal?

The legality of marijuana in the US can be a bit confusing. In some states, it is allowable for medical uses and individuals may be able to keep minimal amounts for personal use. It is important that individuals determine whether or not it is legal to be in possession of marijuana and for what particular uses, in order to avoid trouble.

Medical Uses

There are a number of medical uses for marijuana. It can be used as an anti-nausea drug, especially helpful for persons receiving cancer treatments or chemotherapy. It may also be used as an anti-convulsant for pain, glaucoma therapy and mood disorders.


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