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Vicodin Addiction

Vicodin is an effective painkiller made up of hydrocodone and acetaminophen. It is a brand name drug for hydrocodone. Vicodin may be prescribed to treat coughs and also pain. 



Vicodin may cause drowsiness, euphoric feelings, make it hard to concentrate or cause users to feel lethargic. Some people become more physically active and some less so. Other side effects include difficulty urinating, constipation, lightheadedness, vomiting, pain in abdomen area and nausea.



Changes in one's mood can be very dangerous, respiratory depression may also occur after taking Vicodin.  Older individuals are especially susceptible to this. It is dangerous to take Vicodin with other types of medications.



Vicodin can become both physically and psychologically addicting when a person has taken it for a long time or have consumed large amounts of it. Sometimes one will continue to take it to avoid withdrawal symptoms or to stop them after they do occur. 


It is possible to build up a tolerance to Vicodin. The rate that tolerance develops will differ based on the user. Physical addiction, however, can begin to occur in as little as 2 weeks, even when taken according to a doctor’s orders and commonly dosed amounts.  Individuals that take more then they should, may become physically dependent on the drug sooner then that.



It is dangerous to take Vicodin with other types of medications. It should be avoided when a person is taking MAOI’s, tranquilizers, valium, antidepressants, analgesics and any depressants of the central nervous system. It is possible to overdose on Vicodin and die. When a person has overdosed, their skin may get clammy.  They may become extremely tired and lethargic and even slip into a coma. It may be difficult for them to breathe. They might experience kidney and heart problems, liver failure, slow heartbeat, vomiting, nausea and their skin may turn bluish.


Questions and Answers

a. How long does it take to become addicted to Vicodin?: This depends on the person. However, an addiction can occur in as little as two weeks.


b. What are some common side effects of Vicodin?: Difficulty urinating, constipation, drowsiness, vomiting, stomach pain, increased activity or less, depending on the person and feelings of euphoria.  


c. What is in Vicodin?: Vicodin is made up hydrocodone and acetaminophen



Vicodin is a prescription drug so it is legal. However, for persons without a prescription, it is illegal to use and distribute it.






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