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Texas is both a consumption and transshipment state. Drugs are sold throughout the state and are also imported into the state to be distributed to other parts of the country. Cocaine is shipped out of Texas mostly via personal and commercial vehicles such tractor-trailers to states in the east, north and Midwest. The cocaine trade in Houston is dominated by Colombian drug trafficking organizations. They often ship the drug to Texas directly or by way of Mexico where it is then sold within the state and also imported to other parts of the United States

Crack cocaine is highly concentrated in the areas of Forth Worth and Dallas. It can also be fund in Houston, El Paso as well as other parts of the state. Crack is shipped from Texas and distributed to dealers in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Mississippi. These dealers turn around and sale it to users and addicts. Most of the crack cocaine in Texas enters the state as cocaine HCL and is converted into crack. Along with high rates of addiction that are common with this particular drug, what is also of great concern is the violence that often surrounds the trade.

Mexican black tar is the dominant type of heroin found in northern Texas. Not only is it trafficked there but it is also imported to the mid-western, eastern and southeastern regions of the United States. Brown heroin and Mexican black tar are both available in abundance in south Texas. Asian and Colombian heroin can be found there as well.

Methamphetamine currently has a more powerful stronghold in northern Texas, though it can be found in south Texas, particularly around Houston. In northern Texas, the primary source of meth is Mexico. There are also independent labs throughout the state. However, laws which limit the amount of pseudoephedrine that can be purchased, has decreased the manufacture of this drug domestically.

Ecstasy, PCP, Ketamine, LSD and GHB can all be found throughout Texas, especially the northern part of the state, though it can be found in and around Houston as well. Asian drug trafficking organizations play a major role in the sale and distribution ecstasy. In Houston, the ecstasy market is supplied from wholesalers in the Netherlands, Belgium and other parts of Europe.

Oxycontin, Hydrocodone, Benzodiazepine and Xanax are the most commonly abused prescription medications. Individuals are able to obtain these via doctor shopping, prescription forgery, theft and online.


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