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Codeine Addiction

Codeine is a narcotic pain reliever, prescribed by doctors for this purpose. It is also used recreationally, without a prescription and thus illegally. An addiction to codeine might require entry into a drug rehabilitation program.  If a person has developed a dependency on codeine, it may be a good idea to enter a detoxification program, so that they can be weaned off of the drug gradually and safely.



One very important danger associated with Tylenol 3 is the potential to overdose. It is possible to suffer from respiratory depression, which can be lethal. Common side effects associated with codeine include constipation, nausea, scant urine production, dry mouth and itchiness.


Codeine is also used pretty commonly as a recreational drug. Individuals will take it in order to get high. Using codeine recreationally can be dangerous and always poses risks. As mentioned above, a person may suffer from respiratory depression. They may also develop both a physical and psychological addiction to the drug. It can also cause kidney and liver damage. If people take it with aspirin, they are at risk of internal hemorrhage, which can be quite dangerous.



If the drug is used on a continuous basis and for a long time, it is possible for a person to develop a tolerance for it. The amount of time this might take will differ and will be based largely on the user’s metabolism. An addiction is also a possibility.



It can be potentially dangerous to mix codeine with other types of drugs. Mixing it with those medications prescribed to treat mental or psychiatric disorders can be especially dangerous.


Codeine and alcohol should not be mixed.  It should also not be taken with narcotic pain medications, tranquilizers, muscle relaxants and sedatives. Any drug that can cause drowsiness or sleepiness should be avoided. These put individuals at risk of respiratory depression. Their breathing can stop and they might subsequently die. This is not an exhaustive list. There are other medications and illegal drugs that might also cause problems when taken alongside codeine.


Questions and Answers

a. Is it possible to build up a tolerance to codeine?: Yes, a person can develop a tolerance to codeine.


b. What types of drugs should one not mix codeine with?: There are number of drugs which can cause health problems if taken alongside codeine. Drugs which can be extremely dangerous to mix with codeine are those which are classified as central nervous system depressants and anti-depressants.



It is illegal to use codeine without a prescription or to distribute it.





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