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Ketamine Addiction

February 6, 2010


It is possible for users to become addicted to Ketamine.  A tolerance often develops first. Once a dependency to the drug has been established, it becomes quite difficult for person stop using. A addiction to Ketamine is psychological and not physical. The body won’t experience withdrawals once the individual stops taking the drug, which is partly how physical dependency is defined. However, a psychological addiction should not be underestimated or not taken seriously.


Individuals that take Ketamine are at risk of developing a tolerance to it.  Users may need to stop using the drug for several weeks in order for their tolerance to dissipate.


If a person develops a psychological addiction to Ketamine, treatment may be necessary. It should be possible to find treatment at a local rehabilitation center. A good, reputable facility can be very helpful in helping individuals get clean. Unless an addiction is severe, it may be possible to successfully treat it via outpatient treatment. Inpatient treatment may however, be necessary for persons really struggling to get off the drug.


One of the biggest dangers of addiction is that chronic use means that users are constantly facing the risk of overdosing, which may or may not prove fatal. It is possible for individuals to overdose and not die. People that do may experience startling and troubling hallucinations and flashbacks. They might also not be able to move and feel separate from their body. These types of experiences if had on a regular basis, as they might if a person is an addict, make it difficult to go through life as a functional and contributing member of society.


Some of the biggest dangers assumed by those who are addicted to Ketamine are mental. Chronic users may suffer from serious bouts of paranoia and egoism. This can negatively impact the user’s life and those around him or her.    


Mixing Ketamine with other drugs is also risky. If an individual uses it with other depressants, this is especially dangerous as it can lead to respiratory depression, which can be lethal.


When people use Ketamine, they may not remember what has occurred. Therefore, they could have been assaulted and not even know it. They may also fail to remember if  they have engaged in behaviors in risky behaviors that may get them into trouble down the line, such as unprotected sex or illegal activities. 


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